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Nippon Marathon Console Patch

Wedy here,

A patch has been released for EU/US Nintendo Switch and PS4 (Xbox hopefully soon) this week, here's what the patch entails:

New Features

  • Skip Scene - You can now skip a scene from the pause menu during Story Mode.

  • Restart Race - You can now restart a race in any mode.

  • Story Speed - Increased speed at which story simulation is played out.

  • Skipping dialogue - You now no longer need to wait for the audio clip to finish before progressing dialogue.

Gameplay Changes

  • Getting Up - Contestants will now get up much faster when having ragdolled, therefore it is now easier to get back into the race after a fall.

  • Harder Heads - Hitting your head is less likely to result in being knocked out.

  • AI navigation - AI is now far less likely to get stuck.

  • AI difficulty - AI skills is now more adaptive to the player's skill level.

XBox and Asia patch news

Unfortunately there has been some technical difficulties with the patch on Xbox, please bear with us whilst we battle through the QA process. Hopefully this will be available to you soon. 

There has also been an unforeseen delay with the patch been available in Japan; we are hoping to get this update to you ASAP. 

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.


23/03/2019: The XBox patch has now been implemented. Date (23/03/2019)

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