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PQube: An Exclusive Interview and New IP Information

Wedy here, 

Have you heard of PQube? No? Well, they publish a range of indie titles, such as STAY, Cat Quest, Arcade Spirits & also us, Nippon Marathon!

These are just some of the games which PQube are publishing.

These are just some of the games which PQube are publishing.


PQube are probably most well known for bringing fighting game BlazBlue, and a range of high profile visual novels from Japan to both America and Europe. However these are not the type of visual novels you’d share with your sweet Grandma June over Sunday Lunch, these visual novels have quite the reputation; think cute girls, fan service and wiggling. Controversial? Perhaps. Lets save that for another time.

This year is a very special year for PQube; it’s PQube’s 10th Birthday! Happy Birthday! So with that it seemed rude not to interview PQube’s Head of Marketing Geraint Evans*, with the focus being on the past, present and future of PQube.

(*note: the image below is an artist’s impression and may or may not be an accurate representation of Geraint.)


Wedy Jones: Hi Geraint, thanks for meeting with me. So PQube is 10 years old, and in its short life has published a wide range of games. So tell me, what was the first game PQube ever published?

Geraint Evans: Thanks Wedy, the first game published was Persona 4 Arena.

Wedy Jones: Oh that’s very interesting. For the readers who aren’t familiar with Persona 4 Arena, it’s a fighting game and a direct sequel of Persona 4 and features characters from both Persona 3 and 4. What originally started as an arcade only edition manifested itself into one of the best selling Persona games. Did you know that Persona 4 Arena was one of the most popular games in Japan EVER, with 90% of stock sold within one week? Interesting huh?

Geraint Evans: *nods profusely*

Wedy Jones: So now I’d like to play a little game called “What kind of Birthday Party would your 10 year old self like ”.

So far, I’ve booked a venue (your bff’s back garden of course), I have a great selection of finger food, drinks and milkshakes, what flavour birthday cake would yo-

Geraint Evans: Chocolate.

Wedy Jones: I’ve always been a fan of Victoria Sponge cake myself. My English nanny used to always make it for me. There’s nothing better than fresh sponge cake, with a soft, light but flavourful vanilla buttercream and a fruity strawberry jam filling, topped with a sprinkling of icing sugar. Delicious! So maybe you’d like that one instead?

Geraint Evans:

Wedy Jones: No? Chocolate it is then.

Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa pqube interview

What cartoon are you watching before your friends arrive?

Geraint Evans: Ulysses 31 defo!

Wedy Jones: I’m sorry Geraint I don’t speak French… Wait… That makes you… *works out age*… AMAZING! What’s your secret? I know, what was your favourite food as a child? Maybe that’s the secret to your youthful looks…

Geraint Evans: Welsh Vegetable stew made by my Grandma.

Wedy Jones: Hmmm, so the secret to youthful looks is Welsh Vegetable Stew… (I might need to book a flight there immediately, who knew Welsh Stew was so good).

Ok back to the Birthday party, Grandma’s stew is now on the list.

How about a present? What’s your favourite video game?

Geraint Evans: Probably Chucky Egg and Bumpy on the ZX Spectrum, as those were the ones I was best at.

Wedy Jones: Oh of course, who doesn’t like those games? (lets just go along with this one)

So final question for the birthday party, how do we feel about clowns? I was going to book you a clown for the best balloon show But should I choose a cute clown? Or do you prefer those creepy “it” looking clowns?

Geraint Evans: Neither, they’re just unpleasant and shit. I hate them.

Wedy Jones: … Ok then, I can sense that you aren’t liking the idea of having a clown at your birthday party… So ermm… lets change the subject… quickly… (before this interview ends up in the gutter like my clown idea).

If someone was to want to get into the games publishing industry, can you provide any advice for the readers?

Geraint Evans: It’s about who you know, so start mingling! 

Wedy Jones: Excellent, consider everyone who’s a publisher followed on my Twitter!

PQube recently announced that it will release their very own IP, can you share anymore information about it?

Geraint Evans: It’s a bit early for more information, everything is top secret for now but stay tuned for more news, hopefully in the coming weeks!

pqube new ip Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa

(Since the interview was conducted PQube has released more information regarding their new IP)


PQube and Japanese company Art Co. Ltd have come together to produce “Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa”. The plot focuses on Fujisawa Academy, where students have a secret past and even darker history! But can you trust them? I’m going to say, no!

The game is due to be released 31st May 2019 on Nintendo Switch, Steam & PS4.

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.

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