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Meow Cross Code: A Road Safety Instructional Guide, for Cats

Wedy here,

Road safety is no laughing matter. It’s vital to be up to date with the Green Cross Code so that you’re not in a serious accident. If you think back to your school days you’ll remember watching a cheesy, poorly filmed VHS tape of a man showing you how to cross the road safely.

Fast-forward to 2019, where instructional videos continue to be produced, but with a twist. You may have learnt road safety tips at school, but how about your pet cat? Cats are unpredictable, rule breaking and more independent than your Great Aunt Josephine, so it’s essential that they too are taught the rules of road safety.

Fortunately Yellow Hat has you covered. Well for cats that speak Japanese anyway. Yellow Hat are a Japanese company focusing on auto-parts, and take road safety very seriously. They are so concerned on the average cat’s lack of knowledge for road safety, that they’ve designed a Road Safety Public Service Announcement just for your fur-babies.

Watch the video below. As mentioned the subtitles are in Japanese, and there’s even a version with no subtitles, for if you can speak fluent nyan.

The video was developed by Yellow Hat in collaboration with the Japanese Animal Psychology Association, named "CAMP - NYAN" and "Kyoto University CAMP", a department which studies animal behaviour. The video utilises frequencies which cannot be heard by humans to increase the cat’s understanding, as well as including moving objects on screen to keep the feline’s focus. There are also dramatisations by humans in cat costumes and stuffed toys (shhh, don’t tell the cats) highlighting the dangers on the road.

In all serious though we can all learn an important lesson in road safety from this video, even if you don’t speak cat.

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.

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