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Shiba-lebrity: The Five Shiba Inus to follow on Instagram

Wedy here,

Do you love Shiba Inu? Here at Nippon Marathon HQ we sure do; they’re so cute and fluffy. Their curly tails are so springy and fur is as soft as cotton, which is why their more popular than ever before!

Shiba inu will chase you…

in an adorable way.

Woof Woof Shiba Inu Japanese History

Shiba Inu have been a part of Japanese culture since early 19th century, where they were bred as hunting dogs. Their independent nature and territorial behaviour make them excellent guard dogs too. I was once bitten by an overzealous Shiba Inu when I used to work as a post-woman, but yet I digress.

The name Shiba Inu originates from inu, the Japanese word for dog, but the origin of shiba is has multiple interpretations. Shiba translates to brushwood, which is not too dissimilar from the Shiba Inu with their similar height and colour; the brushwood is famed for its bright red autumn leaves, the perfect camouflage for a Shiba Inu. There is also another theory; the word shiba in old Nagano dialect translates to small, which is in relation to the Shiba Inu’s small stature. It’s quite common for the Shiba Inu to be known as the “Little Brushwood Dog”, or just adorable, to you and me!

Popularity x 1000

Nowadays the Shiba Inu is a beloved by Japan, with many Japanese choosing a Shiba Inu to become part of their families. They’re even so popular that they have their own social media following. More and more of those fluffly faced canines are signing up to Instagram to share moments with their fans.

Here’s a countdown of my Top Five Shiba Inu Instagram Accounts which you should definitely follow:



Thank you for supporting berry and mukumin for this year.🐻🦊💕 Thank you very much for your like and comment.😊🥰 Have a Happy New year.✨ 2018年も見てくださった皆さま、いいねやコメントありがとうございます🐻🦊💕 お返事できないことも多くゴメンナサイ(;ω;*)💦 今年はむくみんが来て、まさかの突然で...大変だったけど、一番の心配であったべりやんと相性が合うか...というところで、そこだけはクリアして仲良く過ごせて安心です☺️ むくみんの散歩の練習、トイレトレーニングなどのしつけは全て失敗〜🤦‍♀️今のところ、べりやんと同じような自由な野生児になっている😨あかん‼️あかんで〜‼️まだ間に合う‼️しかし、全くやる気がない〜🤦‍♀️おかんの性格的にしつけするの向いてない...幼稚園行ってればいいってもんじゃない...トレーナーさんの言うことはきいてるのにおかんの言うことはきけへんのかぁーい👋でもべりやんとはいい感じやからまぁいいか☺️ インスタを通じて、いろんな方とのご縁もありました☺️お会いできた方は皆さま温かい方でした💕ご縁に感謝です✨ 皆さま、良いお年を〜🐻🦊✨ #❤️迷子犬の掲示板応援団 @maigo_dog #❤️迷子犬の掲示板四国応援団 @maigo_dog_shikoku #柴犬 #べりやん #べりむく #パピー #多頭飼い #berry #shiba #shibainu #shibainumania #shibastagram #instashiba #ぷにっと部 #口角キュキュッと部 #チーム俺様 →部員絶賛募集中 #shiba_snap #proudshibas #west_dog_japan #pecon #instagramjapa #ふわもこ部 #pecoいぬ部 #pecotv #buzzfeedanimals #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinstaworld #dogs_of_instagram #9gag


This is Berry, and boi isn’t he a cutie! With over 123k followers, Berry is a force to be reckoned with! Along with younger sister Mukumin, be prepared to have cuteness overload as you scroll through selfie after selfie of the cute two-some.


Daifuku is an Inu after my own heart; sitting on a bread shaped sofa, whilst holding a piece of bread in my mouth. I mean that’s the dream isn’t it for us bread obsessive? With 395k followers this Shiba is entering Shiba Stardom! So much so that Daifuku even has his own line of merchandise, who’s a clever boy?


Whoa there Momo, don’t get stuck! Remember a dogs’ body isn’t as fluid as a cats’. With only 7300 followers Momo, based in Hiroshima is one of the lesser known Insta-shiba stars of today, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve any less of the limelight that the others. Just look at that face… how could you not follow her?


Flying the flag for the UK is King Kenichi, and it would be rude not to include a Shiba from the developers home country. See the sights of London and surrounding areas by following this pooch’s posts! Will he meet the Queen? Probably. He is the King after all.


Lets finish our countdown with a complete Shiba-lebrity! This Shiba even has a verified blue tick next to his name he’s that famous (say how do we go about getting on of those…). Maru has a staggering 2.5m followers and is so popular he’s opened a shop in Bunkyo, Tokyo and even has his own Travel Guide (HEY… That’s my gig!). This Maru is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Lets hope theirs no cats in his way to distract him.

So there you have it folks, my top five Shiba Inus to follow on Instagram. Have I missed any? Please feel free to tag me in any Shiba Inu’s you see on Instagram (@nippon.marathon) which I’ll include in future posts.

What do you think, are you ready to take on these lovable yet destructive dogs?

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.

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