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Diana Garnet, singer of "Hyper Love Racing" is at Ohayocon 2019

Wedy here,

Do you remember when we announced the trailer for Nippon Marathon and we introduced you to the musicians behind Nippon Marathon’s Trailer Soundtrack? Well the super talented singer behind the song, Diana Garnet is at Ohayocon 2019 this weekend. Need a reminder of what the song sounds like? Well have a listen below.

Who is Diana Garnet?

Diana Garnet was born and raised in Washington DC, where her father introduced her to the world of manga, anime and Japanese culture. It was this that sparked her interest into Japanese Anime Soundtracks and hence her career in music. After university Diana moved to Tokyo and juggled working as an Assistant Language Teacher whilst pursuing her music career. It was this that led her to win Spring 2013’s edition NTV’s Nodojiman The World. Since her success on Nodojiman The World, Diana has gone onto release an album, COVER☆GIRL, as well as sing theme songs for Naruto, Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, Meow Meow Japanese History and now Nippon Marathon. Diana has also recently started voice acting in Japan, so keep an eye on Diana’s Twitter for more information.

About Ohayocon

Ohayocon is an annual three day event dedicated to Anime. The event this year is held in Columbus, Ohio, at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. The event offers a selection of different events to cater every anime fans wildest dreams! This includes panels where special guests talk about anime. There is also cosplay, a dealers hall, video games as well as a rave! How exciting! Who doesn’t want to rave to the biggest and best anime music?!?

The event is held January 11th-13th 2019. More information can be found here:

So what will the lovely Diana be doing there? Well the answer is right here:


  • ‪1.30pm-2.30pm: “How does Working Work? : Japan Edition”‬

  • ‪4pm: Opening Ceremonies‬

  • ‪5pm-6pm: Autograph Session ‬

  • ‪6.30pm-7.30pm: J-pop Jam Panel with Shin Kurokawa!‬


  • ‪11am-12pm: Autograph Session‬

  • ‪6pm-7pm: Concert


  • ‪11am-12pm: “Voice Acting in Japan: It’s a Thing!”‬

  • 1.30pm-2.30pm: Autograph Session

  • ‪4pm: Closing Ceremonies‬

Are you going? Do you know anyone who is? Please let us know! We’d love to hear your opinion of Hyper Love Racing sung live!

In other news; we have been getting requests for the Nippon Marathon OST to be released on CD and online. We are currently in discussion about this, so stay tuned Wedy fans. Keep an eye out on my Twitter for all the latest updates regarding the OST being available to purchase.

So that’s all for now folks!

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.

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