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Story Mode Preview: Pass Me My Reading Glasses

Wedy here but you knew that already.


The developers would firstly like to apologise for the lack of communication over the past couple of months; development of the game has completely taken over. I managed to grab an exclusive interview with one of the developers Buster regarding how development is going.

nippon marathon story update

Oh dear, oh dear. After the interview, Buster sitting in an averagely sized lower visual quality puddle of tears did inform me that it will all be worth it when the game is released.



So with that covered let me bring you another exclusive… Story Mode. 

Story Mode has been covered in mystery until now. I was able to steal, erm I mean borrow a copy of Story Mode when Buster was wiping away the tears and now can show it to you guys! Exciting!

So lets start with the basics. 


There are four stories, one for each character, allowing you to follow their journey from pre-Nippon Marathon to post-Nippon Marathon Champion. Don’t forget to bring your running shoes as you’ll have to run each race from the Nippon Marathon that you’re all familiar with. 

Each story lasts approx two hours and if you play all four stories that’s a whole EIGHT hours of story action alone! Don’t think you have to complete the story in one marathon sitting either (we won’t judge if you do), the game will save progress automatically so you can quit and continue story at your own leisure. 

I know what you’re thinking, so I’ve completed Darwin’s story so I don’t need to complete the others right? 

Well think again. 

Each character perspective will merge together to bring you the ULTIMATE NIPPON MARATHON experience. I remember seeing something similar on The Simpsons, the “Trilogy of Error” episode I think it was?

So Wedy fans, erm I mean Nippon Marathon fans let me show you what story is all about. 

story preview darwin
nippon marathon story preview
story preview
story preview

Unfortunately story will not be playable on early access until closer to the full release date (Winter 2018).


Whilst stealing, erm I mean borrowing Story Mode I overheard a phone conversation between developers how JINKO EKI STATION (level 7) is due to be released on Steam Early access by the end of next week. 

Oh before I go remember that Nippon Marathon is at EGX in Birmingham this weekend so if you’re going make sure to check out the game on PQube’s stand. 

I’ve been Wedy Jones, 

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon

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