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Update - Version 0751: Fruit, Mazes & a Speed Increase of 25?

Wedy here with an update for all you Nippon fans! With game development rapidly approaching the finishing line, the developers have released what can only be described as 

"The Update To Beat All Updates!"

So what does this update include I hear you cry? Well let me tell you...


Game Modifiers are now in stock! Purchase them from the In-Game Store and enable them from the Options Menu.

game modifiers nippon marathon
  • Turbo Mode On!

Not for the faint of heart, this mode is fast, furious and down right frantic. Turn this bad boy on and Versus Modes will increase in speed by 25%.

  • Minigames Off!

What, you want to turn me off? How dare you! You... you... MONSTER! Seriously though, I could do with a lie down in a dark room so don't mind me.

  • Item Config!

Wanna play bananas only? Well you can, you can also play melons only, pineapples only, mushrooms only or even choose no items at all.

Here's a tip: Turbo Mode + Minigames Off + No Items is a real test of skill for you and your virulent compadres.


nippon marathon drop out

There used to be a nightclub called Dropout near where I grew up, it attracted the very people you would expect - QUITTERS! So, we've added a drop-out feature - players 2, 3 and 4 can now pause the menu and give up on life should they wish. Typical!


There's been some improvements to the player reactions to the environment. Tumbles, crashes and falls are now more realistic and glitches should be less frequent however mistakes will now lead to more amusing ragdoll moments.

ragdoll nippon marathon


I'm not going to say much about this, instead I shall leave you with this screenshot which won't clarify anything at all.

dr de jong maze mini game


The title says it all, your custom control scheme will now be saved, including assignments for players, buttons... everything! Yay!


Versus Modes against CPU opponents now include the four boss characters. What happens when Hazuki and Hideko face off? Will they have a tiff? Juicy!


Elimination by shiba inu. That is all. Actually it isn't, there's also been improvements to the melon based sudden death too, my oh my you're so spoiled!


Nippon melons are the best melons, you know why? Because they explode! However we've made them a little less accurate so that the leader doesn't get 'blue shell syndrome' and need hospitalising.


You can now earn Yen from playing GO-GO-TROLLEY BOWLING and LOBSTER MODE, hurrah!

So that's all for now folks,

Keep your eyes, ears and noses peeled for more updates regarding all things Nippon on my twitter page, and who knows I may even get to release EXCLUSIVE sneak peeks at the upcoming  NEO JINKO prefecture and on the somewhat elusive STORY MODE! 

I've been Wedy Jones,

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon!

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