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An update that's, wait for it... WHEELY GOOD FUN!

Wedy here!

Some people like bird watching.
Some people like a lazy Sunday afternoon drive.
Some people like to throw themselves into a trolley, and smash head-first into man-sized bowling pins!
Me? I'm a strictly 'face off' kinda girl when it comes to neck-breaking hilarity.

You? You're going to LOVE IT!

go-go trolley bowling

That's right viewers, Go-Go Trolley Bowling is here! Say 'no' to flat cola and soggy nachos, and say 'hello' to yet another session of multiplayer hilarity!


1/ Phone your friends for some 2-8 player action (snacks optional).

2/ Choose from 5 to 10 frames depending on your preferred game-time! 

3/ Turn based action ahoy! Stand back and watch your friends humiliate themselves, one after the other.



1/ Set your trolley/shopping cart's position - aim for a strike!

2/ Take a running jump into the trolley - graceful this is not, folks! 

3/ Wince as you career towards random hazards appearing between frames - from ramps, paper doors, disco balls, carp and (of course!) shiba inu!/ Take a running jump into the trolley - graceful this is not, folks! 


4/ Hope for some high-scoring points potential.

5/ Pray you don't end up in Accident and Emergency.

As they say, it's not the winning that counts, but the bone-shattering idiocy of how you lost, that's important!

So that's all for now folks! 

I've been Wedy Jones. 

Keep it real, Keep it Nippon!


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