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Meet the Boss Characters

Wedy here, first of all our apologies for the delay in the next update. We've had SERIOUS issues regarding localisation but the Onion Soup Interactive Team are powering through regardless and the update is due to be released in the not too distant future. 

But to tempt your Nippon-buds I decided to give you a little background on the new unlock-able boss characters. These four are strong, mighty and won't be defeated by the Shiba Inu.  

nippon marathon boss character

This is a cat who doesn't like to be stroked. With a background in the cabaret scene Felix knows how to dance his way to the top of the Nippon Marathon scoreboard. 

He's been at the top since he sashayed his way to the Nippon Marathon all the way from the USA. 

Don't let his cute pink cat suit trick you into thinking he's as soft as kitten, this cat will take you down with his claws (or his mysteriously moving tail)

boss character nippon marathon

He's cute, he's a K-Pop superstar and loves his mother's home cooking, but this is one Rabbit who isn't afraid to speed to the finish line.

Not much is known about KG Park and why he entered the Nippon Marathon. He's able to juggle being in the Top Four of the Nippon Marathon whilst performing sell out tours. Maybe KG Park is superhuman? 

KG Park is most philosophical out of the four boss characters. His latest album has become more spiritual than ever! Maybe this means he's easier to beat?

boss character nippon marathon

As a 100m Olympic Gold Medalist Hideko is the only "serious" contestant in Nippon Marathon. Don't play games with Hideko as you'll be sorry.

This is one hot headed lady, and don't think a glass of wine can calm her down. Alcohol is a no go for Hideko.

Married to Handsome Hazuki and participating in the Nippon Marathon herself, Hideko is no stranger to the Nippon Marathon & you'll often see her at her husband's side doing whatever it takes to support him during the race.   

boss characters nippon marathon

If you ask what is Nippon Marathon their answer will always be one person: Handsome Hazuki. 

Not only is Hazuki the reining champion of the Nippon Marathon for the past 10 years, he's also 15 time winner of the Nippon Actors Academy Award. This is one talented man. 

Hazuki is loved by everyone, and I mean everyone. 

No one messes with Hazuki, not even Hazuki himself. 

So there you have it Wedy fans. The four main boss characters who will be unlockable on the next update. The only question I have is, who will you unlock first?

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.



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