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***Huge Content Update News***

Wedy here, it might seem like we’ve been quiet, we have!

We’re working through some issues with localisation at the moment, these have prevented us from updating the game as per our schedule, so instead of remaining silent and trying to figure it out we thought we’d let you in on the upcoming content. that was due to be released in parts. This is now coming to you in one big update!

In-Game Store

Every time you play any game mode your points will be converted into Yen which can be spent on new items, check it out below:

nippon marathon store
nippon marathon store

Boss Characters

As you’ve guessed from the screenshot, we’re including the boss characters in the next update but you’ll need to buy them from the In-Game Store!

Free Money?!

Yes! Coming with this update will be enough In-Game Currency to buy at least one boss character from the store. How exciting!

Unsafe Sake Facility

We have a brand new course for you to play in Versus Mode, here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite. We are now in the mountains of the YAMA-DORI prefecture, the fresh mountain air and manure smell fills my nostrils, it is terrible.

unsafe sake facility nippon marathon
unsafe sake facility nippon marathon
unsafe sake facility nippon marathon
unsafe sake facility nippon marathon

Steamy Steamy Monkeys

What’s this? Another new course for Versus Mode? Absolutely! This course is called Steamy Steamy Monkeys, the monkeys are hot, they are steamy and they like to throw bananas.

steamy monkeys nippon marathon
steamy monkeys nippon marathon
steamy monkey nippon marathon
nippon marathon steamy monkey

Fruit Machine Improvements

We've improved the fruit machine minigame, including the UI and we've fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in the minigame not showing. Items are now dispensed once the minigame is complete. Carp and Shiba now appear in place of the fruit machine objects.

nippon marathon steam update

Resolution and Options Fixes

There was a pretty silly bug in which the screen resolution was sometimes interpreted the wrong way around. Thanks go out to the Steam Reviewer who pointed this out whilst claiming "this is by far and the worst coded, even for early access, game I have ever seen!". We’ve improved the options menu and saving system though this still requires further improvement.

This is all great news but WHEN CAN WE PLAY?
“Soon” is the best answer we can give you, we’re just working on some details regarding our translation services, as soon as this is done we’ll publish the update and all of this goodness will become playable!

What’s Coming Next?

We’re continuing development of Story Mode, I can now reveal that each of the four main characters will have their own story arc and unique perspectives of the main story timeline. These will be significantly different in tone and content so you’ll really want to play through all four.

At the same time, we’ll be putting together our next Party Game which involves shopping trolleys and bowling pins! Then we’ll be on to the final two stages and the rest of the outstanding content and polish.

So that's all for now folks!

I've been Wedy Jones,

Keep it real, Keep it Nippon!

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