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The update you’ve all been waiting for IS FINALLY HERE!

Wedy here, while you’ve been bracing yourselves for the buffeting winds of the Steam Summer Sale, we’ve been hard at work to bring you an update like no other! 

Bosses? Check! 
New stages? Check! 

You’d better believe it! Want the details? 


In Store Game

nippon marathon steam update

The in-game store is now open! Unlock new characters and bonuses - like new race-affecting extras. Want a fair (but surely NO FUN!) ‘No Items Mode’? How about a Turbo mode? These unlocks will make the race more personal to your taste! 

The points you earn at the end of a race can now be converted into sweet, sweet Yen which you can spend in the in-game store! ‘Capitalism, ho!’ as, er… I believe someone once said. 

Unlockable Boss Characters

nippon marathon steam update

Unlockable Boss Characters are here! Handsome Hazuki, Shiro Hideko, KG Park, Felix Arizona join the party! I'm sure you read my post last week all about the fiery foursome didn't you? (If not I'll forgive you, the post is here) Or if you prefer your Boss characters spoiler free, you’ll find their individual stories in the upcoming Story Mode.

Nothing comes for free though! The bosses will vary in cost in the store. KG Park at a cheerful ¥107,987, Handsome Hazuki proves good looks come with a price with the most expensive unlock of ¥902,714. Moustache grooming doesn’t come cheap.

And wait… wait… this just in! Onion Soup Interactive will give you, for this update only, enough in-game currency to buy at least one boss from the store! 

New Prefecture YAMA-DORI

As previously reported there’s now a new area, YAMA-DORI, featuring two new attractions - Unsafe Sake Facility & Steamy Steamy Monkeys


From the rice paddies to the facility itself, the making of Sake is a fine art – though we wouldn’t recommend a tasting session right now. Weave your way thought the backpackers to find a distilliary on the brink of collapse. Falling bridges and exploding barrels? Someone call Health and Safety!

nippon marathon steam update
lvl5,explosive barells.jpg
unsafe sake distillery nippon marathon
bouncing on barrells nippon marathon


You can’t come to Japan without experiencing a traditional Onsen in the mountains! But this is no time for a bath, not if the Snow Monkeys have any say in the matter. The Snow Monkeys love using their smart phone to livestream the marathon. So don' be surprised if a Snow Monkey starts livestreaming mid-slide! The Snow Monkeys also love to throw bananas and jump on your back (or straddling your face!) Remember folks - mischief maketh the marathon! 

slide nippon marathon
snowballs nippon marathon


*Tweaks to the fruit machine minigame*

new slot machine nippon marathon

We’ve update the UI and fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in the minigame not showing. Items are now dispensed once the minigame is complete. Carp and Shiba now appear in place of the fruit machine objects.

*Resolution and Options* 

The bug where the screen resolution was interpreted the wrong way around has now been fixed. Hurrah! 
The options menu and saving system has also been updated, though this still requires further improvements.

*Updated Wedy Pages*

wedy pages updated

Great news my Travel Guide has also had a makeover and features YAMA DORI, the new prefecture. Go ahead and find them in the levels to find out all about the world of Nippon Marathon. You might even learn some tips to increase your popularity!

What’s Coming Next?

The much hyped Trolley Minigame is still currently in development. All I can say is that you won't want to be doing this in your local Super Ichiba, the staff would not be pleased. 

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If you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about visit our Steam Page to play the game in Early Access.

Available languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified & Traditional Chinese. 

So that's all for now folks! 

I've been Wedy Jones. 

Keep it real, Keep it Nippon!

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