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Let's talk Nishibori

Wedy here giving you the EXCLUSIVE lowdown on our favourite onesie wearing contestant Nishibori. 

nishibori blood type a

Being blood type A, Nishibori has a tendency to get stressed but this is overshadowed by her kindness, patience and tidyness. A perfect dinner guest if you ask me!  You’ll often find Nishibori after the marathon providing comfort and support to the other contestants. She’s the polar opposite from her mean big sister Hidako. 


Now you might be wondering why Nishibori sports a rather fetching Narwhal onesie during the Nippon Marathon. The answer... 

A traumatic family holiday whilst on the yacht; Nishibori fell overboard and was saved by a herd of Narwhal. Ever since that moment the Narwhal has become her Mascot to life and fuelled her passion to become a marine biologist. 

nishibori narwhal

So Nishibori likes Narwhals? I can hear your cries for some Narwhal facts:

  • Narwhals are mammals and are related to the dolphin family. 
  • Narwhals can hold their breathe for 25 minutes whilst being underwater.
  • Baby Narwhals are called Calves. Narwhals are actually known as “Unicorn of the Sea”
nippon marathon wedy

Whether it’s Nishibori's ability to tell popular joke’s during my interview mid-marathon or her kawaii expression as she’s being chased by a Shiba Inu, Nishibori will never fail to please the crowd and will continue to be a fan favourite.



So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.


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