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You must unlearn what you have learned: Hints to become Champion of the Nippon Marathon

Wedy here, but you knew that already didn’t you?

Well the answer better be yes if you’ve been playing Nippon Marathon as I’m sure you’ve all been collecting the pages from my Travel Guide whilst competing in the marathon(?!). Better yet, you’ve actually being interviewed by me mid-marathon haven’t you? How did you do? Was your answer legible and popular?

Well Wedy fans do I have a treat for you today, today I give you “Wedy’s Top Tips to Win the Nippon Marathon”. If you follow these hints then you’re even more likely to be champion of the Nippon Marathon. Exciting right? Well lets get started.

nippon marathon guide Hint One: Being the Leader

Hint One: Being the Leader

  • You can only gain a star by being the last person standing, you'll need to be in the lead to do that of course.

  • You'll get the lion's share of the items if you can react quick enough.

  • Speaking of reacting, you'll need cat-like awareness because being in 1st position means you'll have a restricted view of upcoming obstacles.

being the loser nippon marathon

Hint Two: Being the Loser

  • If you’re in last place then you better hurry up as you’re about to lose two stars!

  • You’re character will start sweating indicating that they’re close to being eliminated for the round.

  • But all is not lost, if you’re holding or close to a piece of fruit, eat it to get a speed boost. You never know what that might do.

guide to nippon marathon mushrooms

Hint Three: Double-Mushrooms

  • The spore cloud created from the mushrooms is toxic, but the cloud created by two mushrooms is totally deadly!

  • It will knock out your opponents very quickly.

  • Mushrooms damage your popularity over time, so double-mushrooms damage it twice as fast.

  • If you get knocked over while carrying two mushrooms it can be difficult to get back up, try eating them!

guide to nippon marathon - banging head

Hint Four: Banging your head on things

  • There aren't really any benefits to banging your head except maybe that it will amuse onlookers slightly.

  • Hitting your head during the marathon will almost surely knock you unconscious, you'll get back up again but it's best to avoid this!

guide to nippon marathon jump through doors

Hint Five: Opening Doors

  • When is a door not a door? When it's ajar! Haha!

  • If you run face-first into a door (or the finish line) you can quite easily be knocked out. This isn't good.

  • Try jumping through the door instead, this means you'll hit the door with your arms and knees instead of your beautiful features!

Hint Six: Shiba Inu nippon marathon guide

Hint Six: Shiba Inu

  • Alerting Shiba Inu is fun, hearing their little barking sounds never gets old.

  • The Shiba Inu runs at about the same speed as you, if you fall, they will get you.

  • You can alert a Shiba Inu then try to stay right in front of an opponent.

  • Shiba Inu will stop chasing once they bite a contestant, even if it's not the person that alerted them.

Hint Seven: Hoarding Weapons nippon marathon guide

Hint Seven: Hoarding Weapons

  • You'll receive less powerful weapons when you're in 1st place. If you have a melon or pineapple you might want to hang onto it.

  • Be careful though, when your hands are full you won't be able to pick up any more weapons and all pickups become obstacles, how annoying!

Hint Eight: Taking Shortcuts nippon marathon guide

Hint Eight: Taking Shortcuts

  • There are many shortcuts in the various courses, see if you can find them!

  • Use the pineapple to be creative with your shortcuts.

  • Don't have a pineapple? You can often create shortcuts by diving across larger gaps.

Hint Nine: Studying Dr DeJong's Purple Maze nippon marathon guide

Hint Nine: Studying Dr DeJong's Purple Maze

  • When Dr. DeJong teleports you to his Purple Maze he starts blabbering on about some medical research or something.

  • Use this opportunity to study the fastest way through the maze.

  • It's kinda cheating but... I won't tell anyone!

Hint 10: Popularity nippon marathon guide

Hint 10: Popularity

  • Many times during the Nippon Marathon a race has been decided by who is the most popular.

  • Learn which actions are considered popular.

  • Make sure you answer my questions by choosing the positive emojis.

  • Don't be tempted to squash the spectators, Geisha or monks (among others)!

bonus popularity hint steamy monkeys

***Bonus Popularity Hint***

  • During Level Six there are many Steamy Monkeys running around the mountains and relaxing after a hard days work in the onsen.

  • If you’re lucky a monkey may jump on your shoulders and throw bananas at other contestants.

  • But try not to knock them over, as each monkey you knock over will lose you 20 popularity points.

  • Given the sheer number of steamy monkeys running around the course and live streaming the race, it’s easy to lose all of your hard earned popularity in just one area of the course.

So folks hopefully this guide has given you a deeper insight on how to become Nippon Marathon Champion. Now go young one, train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

So that’s all for now folks,

I’ve been Wedy Jones.

Keep it Real, Keep it Nippon.

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