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Nippon Marathon Out Now: Who will you choose?

Wedy here,

Oh boi, oh boi, do I have news for you… Nippon Marathon is finally available to buy! Hurray! Whether your team Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or team Steam we have you covered!

Watch the trailer below to find out more:


Nippon Marathon was developed by a small team with an idea in mind: multiplayer gaming! Although there is a rather exciting single player, we recommend Nippon Marathon to be played with friends, family, or even your loving pet dog (if he can work a control pad). You and your friends will travel across the land of Planet Nippon racing to become champion. But which character should you choose? Do you know your Zenbei “Xen Bae” from your J Darwin? Well let me introduce the characters to you now.


j darwin character bio
nishibori character bio
character bio snuguru maestro
character bio zenbei "xen bae"

Do you know who you’re going to choose? I think I’ll start with J Darwin, as we share a hatred of overcooked meat; I once had a piece of beef so overcooked even my cat “Kitten John” couldn’t eat it. Terrible.

As you progress further in the Nippon Marathon you’ll earn Yen to spend in the shop. The shop allows you to purchase extras for enhanced gaming as well as the ability to unlock the boss characters for multiplayer mode.


boss characters in nippon marathon

Now I don’t want to say too much about these feared foursome just yet, but I’ll give a brief introduction to them all now (from left to right):

Shiro Hideko: Maybe the most normal contestant in the Nippon Marathon or maybe one of the most devilish? Hideko is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Felix Arizona: His American charm will win you over but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s one of the good guys. This cat has claws and isn’t afraid to use them!

Lord Handsome Hazuki: The champion of the Nippon Marathon for the past 10 years. He’s undefeated, he’s loved by all… What exactly is he hiding?

KG Park: Representing the K-Pop world is KG Park. He’s famous for his K-Pop beats and his signature bunny ears and tail. But did you know he’s also famous for his outbursts on social media and all round unpredictability. Will his fame be his demise?

So Wedy fans, thank you for reading the basic introduction into the world of Nippon Marathon. Both myself and the developers hope that you embrace yourself fully and enjoy the madness which is the Nippon Marathon.

I’m ready, the main characters are ready, the boss characters are ready, the only question that remains now is… “Are you ready?”.

I’ve been Wedy Jones,

Keep it Real. Keep it Nippon.

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