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Wedy here and have I got news for you... The long awaited level 7 and story mode demo are here! 

So lets not waste any time and crack on with the juicy scoop. 


So far the Nippon Marathon has taken you through quite the sightseeing tour of PLANET NIPPON; we’ve travelled from the banks of KAWA RIVER to the steamy Mountains of YAMA-DORI. With the marathon reaching the final stages, grab your giant foam finger and your briefcase as we’re heading straight into the heart of NEO-JINKO.


As the trains in PLANET NIPPON run on time it’s often the case that the Bullet Train will leave early forcing you to drop all of your luggage and leap onto the roof of the train (it happens, we swear). This is where level 7 begins.

nippon marathon jinko eki station

Expect the usual Nippon Marathon madness plus a few extra surprises, such as the soundtrack to the level being called “Kobe Beefed Up” and the term “Bull-Train”. Are you confused? Me too! 

nippon marathon jinko eki station update

The madness doesn’t stop there. When you arrive at the station be prepared to be scared and confused from the bright lights and hundreds of salarymen. They’re everywhere. 

jinko eki station preview

With JINKO EKI STATION being one of the largest stations in PLANET NIPPON expect to knock over and bump into Salarymen on their way to and from work, but don’t worry. They’re used to it, and it’s actually encouraged!

Outside JINKO EKI STATION you may recognise the statue of TEISHU, a Shiba Inu with great business sense and a huge following of his own. Unfortunately you won’t have time to show your respect for him as you have the busiest intersection in the world to cross so grab a pineapple for that second wind to the finish line.

jinko eki station

Level 7 gives you a taste of the final race NEO JINKO, but we can’t release that without giving away a HUGE STORY SPOILER, so I can say no more.


I know what you’re all thinking, what exactly is story mode? 
PLANET NIPPON loves visual novels and manga, so that’s exactly what Story Mode is. A visual novel, but with a difference. 
Story Mode allows you to choose and follow the journey of the four main characters from pre-Nippon Marathon to post-Nippon Marathon. 

story mode preview

Each story lasts around two hours to complete and don’t think you’re just reading a visual novel for two hours, you have to race too! Remember to read my Wedy Guides to learn more about popularity as it’s even more important to be popular in Story - it can move you from 3rd place to 1st.

story mode preview

The story follows a general theme but is personalised for each character; so expect to learn why Zenbei “XEN BAE” has two names, who exactly is Nishibori, why J DARWIN wears a lobster suit and why Snuguru Maestro has a love of watermelons. 

story mode update

You’ll also be introduced to the boss characters as well as a few new faces, like my colleague NNBC Anchorman Abe Watanabe. As the story develops you’ll see the truth behind the Nippon Marathon and just why Handsome Hazuki is the contestant to beat. You’ll also see more of me, Wedy! I play a part too, and quite a big one!

story mode preview

In early access you can play the first 13 chapters of Snuguru Maestro’s story to give you a taste of what’s to come when the full story mode is unlocked on full release.


  • There have also been some changes to the general gameplay:

  • Achievements have been re-enabled 

  • Me (Wedy) now appearing in the character selection screen - but how do I unlock me (Wedy)?

  • Fixed spawning issue where characters would spawn after finish line.

  • No longer eliminated if 1st player gets too far ahead in the levels.

  • General optimisation increased for smoother gameplay.

So for now I hope you enjoy playing EKI JINKO STATION & Snuguru Maestro’s story.

You won’t be disappointed. 

So that’s all for now folks.

I’ve been Wedy Jones. 

Keep it real. Keep it Nippon.

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